A simple solution to a complex problem

Often, the most elegant solution is the result of a well-defined problem. 

Peditrol is a foot-operated irrigation system for ureteroscopy which emphasises functionality, whilst disregarding anything that detracts from it. With perfect irrigation control - as fine as one drop, this hands-free concept ensures great visibility, and improves the ease and safety of procedures.

Recognition of very low compliance of the human kidney as well as limitation to fluid drainage from the renal pelvis lead to the design of a system that limits the irrigation bolus size, avoids forced continuous irrigation, and limits the overall amount of fluid used during a procedure. The system provides a safer method of irrigation, allowing the speed and force of bolus delivery to remain under the constant control of the surgeon. 

The intermittent nature of the fluid delivery allows time for drainage between boluses, ensuring control of intrarenal pressures. The maximum bolus volume is limited to below 3ml, preventing hyperdistention of the kidney while providing perfect visibility. 

With a robust and minimalistic design Peditrol stands out, both in function and form, as a hands-fee concept with maximal volume control, and an unobtrusive presence in the operating room.